Why You Should Change Your Locks When You Move

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Why You Should Change Your Locks When You Move


One of the major security aspects of the house is the locks. When you are moving, the locks become one of the most sensitive details that you will need to highly consider. It is highly beneficial to change the locks when you move. There are several situations and conditions that you will need to highly consider when you are moving into a new house. These situations will need you to change your locks for the sake of security. Here is a guide to help you brought to you by the guys over at CrossCountryMovers.org

Things to consider before changing your locks

rekey3Depending on the type of house that you are moving into, you will need to follow the codes, before you can change the locks. Here is a guide on what you need to do, prior to changing the locks;

• Contact the agent or the landlord, in order to know who holds the spares. You must always contact your landlord, to inquire about the spare keys and anyone who has access to the locks. This is one step to take, which will help you stay away from any risks of unauthorized access to your house. Always contact the landlord before you change your locks.

• Check with the codes of the building. There are some buildings, which will need every door to be similar on the outside. That implies that, you will need to ensure that you understand what the association of that particular buildings states. There are some that will need you to have the locks rekeyed, instead of changing the entire locks. The main aim of such codes is to ensure that the doors are uniform in their display.
All in all, you must ensure that you understand what the codes of that building states about the changing of the locks. Rather, check that you comprehend what the association that govern the building requires. If the locks must be similar, check if rekeying can be an option. However, if it must be changed, check the type of locks that they need.

Changing the locks

Changing locksYou must change your locks, for the sake of enhancing security. Well, that is a normal thing, but here are other reasons why you should change your locks when you move.

• To enhance the elegance
In case you move into a house with locks that are in a bad condition, you might want to change your locks. If the locks are old, rusty and have a poor quality, then changing them is one thing you must highly consider. This will help to make your locks look better and in general, it will enhance the look of the door entirely.

• If someone has a spare key
There are some situations you are never supposed to compromise with, like when there is someone with a spare key to your new house. When you have contacted the landlord and they have allowed you to change the locks, then you must do so immediately. Actually, every landlord must allow you to change the locks, if someone else has some spare keys to your house.

Rekeying the locks can be an option, it can help you solve some issues. Nevertheless, it is not the most recommended alternative. The best thing to do is to change the locks, for the sake of total security.

• The door locks don’t look strong enough
The locks might have been pre-installed, whereby, they might not have been installed in the right manner. You might find that the jamb of the door is not tight enough, meaning that it is weak. Also, the screws that hold up the locks might not be long enough, so they make the entire lock to be weak. Generally, you might find that the locks were installed poorly. In this case, the intruder wouldn’t need any spare key, instead, a kick will be enough to get in the house. So, if you get into the new house and the locks are not installed strongly enough, you might want to get them changed soon enough. Having a house with a strong lock system will assure you of total security, with nothing to worry about.

• For the sake of privacy
Other than worrying about anyone breaking in the house and taking away your valuables, you must also highly consider your privacy. You might not know who else might have an access to the house you are moving into. For instance, a relative of the family, or the previous tenant might have an extra key to the house. For such people, they might have travelled to a distant state or country, when they get back, they will directly get into the house. In case you have not changed the locks, you will expect to have a stranger in your house, that is a very weird situation by the way. Also, the agent or the landlord might have the spares, but you don’t want to trust anyone, especially when you are new in that place. The only thing you must do to be safe is to change the locks. Some might not want to steal, but there can be some snoops around, avoid all that by changing the locks.

So should you change your locks when you move?

Technically, you must ensure that you change the locks anytime you move into a new home. If the building you are moving in is governed by some rules, ensure you follow them and get your locks changed. In case the association insists on rekeying the locks, make sure that they are safe and that you have all the copies. Nevertheless, always find a different locksmith to change your locks.

When you need to change the locks of your new home, you must always ensure that you find a qualified the right locksmith to take care of the situation. Finding the right locksmith will not only help you get the right locks, but you will be sure of having the installed in the right manner. Also, you will be sure of having locks that will be durable and never worry about any intruder. For that, ensure that you choose a reputable locksmith, who should also be able to give you all the advice on how to stay safe. Anytime you move into a new home, always have your locks changed, that is one thing you should never forget.